Seven Maintenance Tips for Essential Electronic Devices

January 3, 2023

As we progress further into the electronics world, most of us cannot live without iPads, tablets, iPods, and smartphones. As a result, keeping these devices safe and clean is a no-brainer. Most current electronics are simple, low-maintenance devices that can be stored on a desk or shelf or are portable enough to be carried in a backpack or purse. Actual damage, electric surges, and incorrect cleaning can all destroy them,

Here are a few cleaning and maintenance recommendations for your high-tech gadgets and household equipment:

  • Tablets or phones

Keys may damage the phone’s surface if on the same pocket, and sitting on it may cause it to break. Always use a case and screen protector.

When cleaning, be sure to use lint-free towels or optical cleaning cloths specially designed for electronics.

Also, never keep it outside in bright sunlight or temperatures below freezing. Many newer electronics have shut down functions to protect the hardware in extreme temperatures, but some do not.

  • Portable Media Players

Please put it in a case to keep it safe, and consider using a screen protector. Use lint-free electrical wipes to clean it. For the headphones, use a very small amount of rubbing alcohol on the earbuds. For other parts, use the rubbing alcohol on a cloth and dab it around buttons or click-wheels (make sure it’s damp, not wet).

  • Laptop

To properly clean a laptop, you need a can of pressurized air, a gentle brush¬† (such as cosmetics brushes), a lint-free cloth, tweezers, and a tiny dust-buster. Please turn off your laptop and delicately remove any visible dust particles on its keyboard with the tweezers. It’s far more hygienic than using your fingers.

Then, using the soft-bristled brush, gently wipe the keyboard to remove any loose dirt. To clean the keyboard, moisten a washcloth with cleansing alcohol, wipe it down, and then allow it to air dry.

  • Personal computer (PC) or desktop

When you work on your PC, a lot of dirt settles on the keyboard. When this happens, the keyboard may become stuck or quit functioning altogether. Wipe between the keys using cotton swabs slightly moistened with an alcohol cleaning agent between the keys, then clean the remainder using a dry washcloth. If you understand how to detach the keys, proceed with it and do so, but take into account the sequence in which the keys must be reinstalled.

By lifting the side panel of your desktop or PC, you can easily clean it from the inside. Check to see if the gadget is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, as cleaning it may void it.

Disconnect the panel using screwdrivers and set the nuts aside in some secure place. Cleaning motherboards and other components are best done using compressed air from a can. Clean components with a short burst of air, but be cautious while cleaning the fans. It is possible to destroy a fan if it rotates reversely.


With these basic recommendations, you may keep your electronic devices looking (and running) ideally. You may also considerably extend their lives and save money over time on replacements and repairs.