Interesting Tech from the Last Two Decades

December 20, 2022

Many exciting devices now adorn each home with technological advancements, transforming people’s lifestyles. The basic designs and new features help manage space and time through minimized human effort. Still, some of the most wonderful smart gadgets of today have been around for years, surprisingly!

Six interesting gadgets from the past two decades can be found below!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A variety of Deebot vacuums from Ecovacs – one of the first producers of robotic cleaners – make floor cleansing and sweeping easier. The Deebot D77 is a three-dimensional domestic cleaning solution with sophisticated technology that can detect and navigate through obstacles. It can even discharge its trash bin on its own and offers several cleaning methods for various floors. With its clever time planning feature, you can schedule it to scrub your floors while you’re not home. This clever gizmo will make cleaning a breeze.


Have you ever wished for a clock that could outwit you and get you up instantly? Before you can manage to try to hit snooze, Clocky has you sprinting around your room. This intelligent alarm clock flees and hides while continuing to buzz until you’re out of bed. You’ll never struggle to wake up early again, thanks to Clocky.

Wireless LED bulbs

The sophisticated LED bulbs by Philips Hue have made lighting in the home more convenient. Instead, you may get rid of your old wall switch and replace it with an intelligent light installation that can be managed with a smartphone. This lighting system can be controlled via a Wi-Fi gateway with the aid of an app. With a tablet or smartphone, you may switch off or turn on the bulbs remotely or set them to come on or go off at a particular time. LED lights are excellent for use in both the office and the home.

Wireless Speakers

Independent Wi-Fi/Bluetooth indoor speakers improve your listening experience. A mobile app can be used to link to these speakers. These apps offer you accessibility to your music library and other streaming platforms, giving you many options. You can listen to your music in any room with the app installed. The tiny shape saves space and gives your interior a sophisticated look. The sound quality is excellent, with clear and crisp top frequency responsiveness. Bluetooth speakers are a must-have in any home if you appreciate music.


Bediator employs clever room warming technology during the cold winter months to maintain the ideal ambient temperature. Bediator, unlike typical radiators, is power-saving and can help save money.

It’s a sleek radiator that transforms into a sofa with a simple flip of the switch. When you press the side button, it turns over and glides onto the ground. The room temperature at the time and the date are displayed on the LED feature.

Smart Faucet

This water-saving faucet can conserve about 15,000 liters a year per unit. With this new technique, you may save water and contribute to the conservation of water resources. It also saves electricity thanks to its clever design. You may leave a smaller carbon footprint by sparing some energy and water. Advanced Faucet is sanitary and free of contamination because you need not bother touching the faucet to operate it. It’s great for kids, the elderly, and disabled people. It is a low-cost method of preserving the environment and conserving water.