How to Style Different Types of Jeans

December 25, 2022

Do you wonder if your mom jeans will go with a vest or a tucked-in shirt? So many people are confused and unable to answer this question.

Let’s look at different styles of shirts and what jeans go best with them. These include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, distressed jeans, mom jeans, flared jeans, loose jeans, straight jeans, slim jeans, and wide jeans.

Round Tees and Jeans

Round tees are always the best bet to go with your skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, slim jeans, straight jeans, and mom jeans, but in this case, the tees must be a little bit bigger than the standard sizes you wear. You can also tuck the round tees in when you wear them on boyfriend jeans, loose jeans, or mom jeans. Sneakers or boots can come in handy for footwear. This can be worn for casual events.

A Crop Top or Sweater

This top is always nice when you want to style it with boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans (if you don’t mind showing some flesh), mom jeans, or bootcut jeans. A denim jacket can also spice up the look. Boots go well with these outfits, but you can also go with loafers, sneakers, or simple flats. This can be worn when you go out with the girls or just to the cinema.

Ruffled Blouse

This kind of blouse can help style your skinny jeans or straight jeans with heels to bring out that classy look, especially when you want to look official and still suitable for the party.


Sweatshirts, the ever-loyal outfit for cold weather, are among the best tops to go with your jeans and make them look good. It can be a knitted sweatshirt, a turtle-necked sweatshirt, or a woolly sweatshirt with sneakers, boots, or heels. It can be worn for an outdoor event.


These beauties are lovely. They can be worn with any style of jeans. Accompanied with minimal sneakers, boots, or heels, this particular top brings out the beauty of your jeans. This can be worn for work, brunch,  or a meeting with friends.

White Buttoned Up Shirts

These shirts can also bring out the official look when paired with jeans. It can be tucked in fully, on just one side, or tied at the waist for a fun twist.  Shoes best worn with this look are sneakers, heels, and boots. It can also be worn to work, a photoshoot, or a small gathering.

In conclusion, a quick fix or trick you can use to easily style your jeans is by dressing in front of a mirror. Before an event date, try out your jeans with a few tops and see how it fits. Choose the best fit and have fun.