Four Styling Tips for Men for All Occasions

January 5, 2023

Life is full of rules, but some are meant to help. One of these rules is the rule of dressing well. It is no longer fashionable to think only women should be concerned about looking good. Looking good should be everyone’s concern; hence, this article provides styling tips for men to look presentable for all occasions.

Don’t worry. The rules for male styling are not cumbersome. Here are a few:

  • Choose the right suit

The most important aspect of a suit’s appearance is its fit. If you’re shopping off-the-rack, pay attention to the cut across its shoulders since altering the waist and chest is a simple process. Putting on a period costume (except if you’re going for a comprehensive period look) is risky because it comes out looking like an oddity. The safest and most functional style is the classic – black, single-breasted, two-button with mild details. A suit is a sort of dress code. The aim is to consider this suit a blank canvas to paint various expressions of individuality. It’s how you wear it that makes an impression, not the tag on the inside.

  • Be Selective with your watches

A watch resembles a work of art. You should get a watch because you love it, not because you are pressured to impress. Watches are unique in that they mark the passage of time for you. However, you must also be realistic. Alluring, functional, and robust sports designs go with everything and can withstand the rigors of daily use. Even so, a watch must fit you. It must be comfortable, and the overall dimensions should be appropriate for your wrist.

  • Don’t be afraid of color

Bask in a splash of color, either on your everyday or corporate clothes. A large percentage of the male population is unduly afraid of it — colors other than grey and navy intimidate them. Color, on the other hand, should be ageless. Men should start donning mustard, green, and different blue tones outfits. Nonetheless, do not forget that “less is more.”

  • Be concerned about your overall look

After donning an outfit, do you ask yourself how you look in it? Or better still, do you check yourself in a mirror? This is very important.

Also, you must take care of your clothes, especially considering the time and costs of putting your wardrobe together. Get your suits dry-cleaned and ironed, wash your clothes periodically and, ideally, let them air dry (it might deteriorate the fabric to use a dryer), and shine your shoes. Similarly, you must take proper care of your leather jacket and any others you wear daily.

Brush your hair and trim your nails as part of a simple yet effective grooming routine. The devil, after all, is in the details.

Finally, you must be selective with the kinds of shoes you wear to fit your chosen outfit. For instance, you can wear oxfords, brogues, or even monk straps on a suit, depending on the type of event you are attending.