Four Outdoor Games Your Kids Should Try Out

December 22, 2022

Playing outdoor games is a way of socializing with family and friends. Whether you are looking forward to a pleasant time with your family, planning a family retreat, or taking your children out to have fun, outdoor games can make any of those possible. This article is focused on the list of outdoor games your children can play in different settings to keep them moving and entertained. Also, these games are highly reviewed by thousands of kids on playgrounds around the world.


It is a classy game for both kids and adults. Usually, it involves a group of people in which one person is chosen to seek others that have hidden in secret places. To start this game, select someone to count while others hide. Also, pick a spot as the home base where all players are considered “safe,” meaning the seeker cannot tag them out of the game.

Red Rover

This game usually involves two groups. Each team is lined up with their hands held together. Each group line must be facing the other about 20ft apart.

One of the teams must go first and shout, “Red Rover, Red Rover…. Let (name of any person on the other team) come over!” The person bearing that name will come forward towards the opposite group and try to break through their clasped hands.

If they succeed, they will bring someone over to their group; however, they will be forced to remain and serve that team if they don’t. The game will continue until a team has just a single player left and cannot get through.

Races with wheelbarrows

Split the group into couples and have people line up in a row, one teammate in front of the other. Choose a distant point to utilize as the end zone. All the matches must form wheelbarrows. One player on each team raises their feet to the other player, balancing on just their hands. They sprint together towards the end zone. The game is simple enough for children to enjoy; however, it is also enjoyable.

Relay races are another option.

Split the team into 3 to 4 groups. The total number of players on each team must be equal. Set aside a race space and instruct the teams to pair up there at the starting line. After that, the first person to play runs to a specific spot and then returns to identify the next team member to play. This repeats itself until the final participant returns to the starting line.

That squad is the champion. Instead of sprinting, you may vary things by walking backward, hopping, or skipping.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of other games you can try out. They include charades, football, basketball, golf, etc.