Beginners Guide to Electrical Tools

January 4, 2023

Electrical devices are not limited to professional electricians. A homeowner may need them when performing minor electrical maintenance in the house, such as changing a light bulb or a power outlet. Examples of electrical tools include pliers, screwdrivers, cable cutters, hammers, knives, drills, tape, etc.

It is easy to figure out when to perform repairs. However, it is harder for someone that is not an electrician to determine what tools are needed. Some people need a beginner buying guide to help them choose the best electrical tools for the jobs they want to perform to avoid buying tools that they do not need while purchasing quality tools that increase efficiency and ensure safety.

Always purchase tools of the highest quality from trusted brands. Look the tools over to be confident that they are in good working condition. Also, to save cost, you might want to consider refurbished devices instead of buying new ones. Before venturing out to shop for electrical tools, you may want to decide what you intend to use the tools for and make a list of tools you will need for the project.

Here is a basic list of essential tools you’ll need when dealing with electrical repairs.


When purchasing screwdrivers, you should go for the medium-sized screwdriver that will suit a variety of projects or buy a set of varied sizes. Also, you may want to consider a screwdriver with an insulated handle for protection from electrical currents. You should consider one with a lithium-ion battery for those who prefer a power screwdriver, but be sure you can change out the tips.

Electrical Tester

When buying a tester, you want to ensure you test it at the shop to make sure it is working. Check the maximum voltage the tester can measure and ensure it meets your requirements. You should look for a rechargeable one or one with readily accessible batteries.

Soldering iron

A soldering iron is an essential electrical tool, and the type will depend on the circuit type it will be used on. Also, check the time it takes for the soldering iron to heat up; you want to go for one that does not take much time to heat up.

Pliers with Wire Cutter

As with the screwdriver, the handle of the plier should be insulated and have good grips. The plier should have a wire cutter and be capable of cutting wires easily.

Measuring Tape

Measurements are part and parcel of electrical work. In purchasing a measuring tape, pick the one you can understand the measurements on, and that has an automatic retraction feature.

Electrical Drill

When purchasing an electric drill, you may want to opt for one whose speed can be adjusted to suit your needs.