Basic Care Tips for Power Tools

January 1, 2023

Maintenance of tools is essential for their longevity and efficiency. You must take proper care of your power tools to maximize their benefits, increase productivity, and protect your investment. There are basic care routines that you can easily carry out with ease, outlined below.

Regularly clean your tools

Cleaning after every use is the most straightforward care routine for your power tools. Use a cleaning cloth to clean the outer body of your devices and compressed air when dealing with power tools that have vents.

Avoid overheating your tools

Constant and prolonged use of power tools can cause it to overheat. Hence, you want to allow the device to rest from time to time, especially when it starts heating up.

Proper storage

Ensure you store your power tools properly. Power tools work with electricity, so you want to prevent water damage.

Store tools in their cases

In most cases, when you buy power tools, they come with a case that helps protect them from moisture and dust. In that spirit, keep your power tools stored in the cases they came with, even though they might take up more space. Do not jam-pack them into one box, as this can cause damage from throwing one tool against another.

Proper care of batteries

Most cordless power tools come with lithium-ion batteries. You should know lithium-ion batteries do not like heat. Allowing a lithium-ion battery to overheat is not suitable for its lifespan and can damage the battery. Also, do not let your power tool battery run down completely before recharging it.

Replacement of parts

Devices are bound to get worn out when you constantly use them. When this happens, you want to change the worn-out bits immediately to avoid accidents or the destruction of the power tool.

Reconfiguring the tools after cleaning

When cleaning the power tools, ensure that everything is back in the right spot when you want to put the device back together again. Inadequate assembly can cause damage to the power tool.

Sharpen your blades

Constant use of blades will wear the edge down, and using it in that state can affect the functionality of the power tool and damage your project. To avoid this, sharpen the blades of the power tool when they get dull.

Lubricate the power tool

The user manual will contain the procedure for properly lubricating the power tool. Lubricating the device allows the components to move with ease, increasing the overall efficiency of the power tool.

Checking the bolts and screws

You want to make sure that the bolts and screws of the power tool are correctly tightened so that a part does not break while the device is in use, causing injury to the handler.